How do you make sure people follow your processes?

As a leader, you can create great processes, but if you can’t monitor and measure them, you can’t manage them.


LineCheck was designed to help you automate your operational checklists and hold your team accountable for completing them on time and to the standards you expect.

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LineCheck is a Restaurant Execution Software.

The beauty of LineCheck is how simple it is to set up and use whether you have one location or hundreds.

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Access from any device.

LineCheck is a mobile-first, web-based software. If you can get online, you can use LineCheck.

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Create digital versions of your checklists and temperature logs.

Choose from multiple input types like quantity, selection, temperature, and text. Also require photo evidence for an added level of accountability.

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Enter conditions and generate next steps automatically.

Your staff and your supervisors will be notified of action steps to take based on the answers from your checklists.

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Assign who gets notified of checklist results.

Decide which employees have permission to access and complete checklists.

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View past due and upcoming checklists quickly.

Plus, access logs of completed checklists, and temperature logs.

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More features.

View location scorecards and compare performance.

Cloud-based software, nothing to install.

Designed in close collaboration with leading restaurant chains.

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